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What is the ROAD iD app?

The App was created by the the makers of ROAD iD, the world’s leading provider of safety identification products for outdoor enthusiasts. Like our physical ID products, the App is designed to provide safety and peace of mind to the user and their fam

How do I cancel my subscription?

This is applicable to both Android + iPhone. To cancel your Run + Ride Safety App subscription you will need to cancel through the App Store. Please follow the directions below :.

How do I delete my account?

Account deletion can be requested within the app. Please follow the steps below :. Please note, deleting your account will delete both your account and all associated data. In addition, if you are looking to only delete your ride history, please reac

Is the app available for iPhone and Android?

Currently, the app is available for iPhone and Android users. There are no current plans to launch the App on other platforms.

What exactly is an eCrumb?

An eCrumb (electronic breadcrumb) can be sent via email or text message to selected family members and friends whenever you head outdoors for an adventure (run, ride, hike, walk, etc). The eCrumb allows your contacts to track your adventure, in real

How do my contacts see my eCrumbs?

Your selected eCrumb contacts do not need the ROAD iD App to see your location or movement. You choose to send communications from the App to your contacts via SMS (text message) or email and the link (URL) to your online maps are viewable in any int

Do I need a physical ROAD iD if I have the app?

Yes. The App should not replace your physical Road ID. The Road ID App is a valuable tool. It’s important to recognize, however, that in an accident a phone can be damaged or separated from its owner. There’s also no guarantee that a phone will be se

Will the ROAD iD app track my run or ride?

No. This App was not created for tracking data such as speed, distance, heart rate etc. There are many Apps which provide these services already. The Road ID App was developed to provide added safety and peace of mind to the user, their family and fr

Where is the lockscreen feature?

The lockscreen feature was removed in June 2021. The massive array of phone types and screen sizes made this feature very hard to maintain and support. At this time, there is no plan to bring it back.

Does the ROAD iD app dial 911 for me?

No. The Road ID App does not place any calls. Stationary Alert messages are only sent to the contacts you designate when creating your eCrumb.

How often is the eCrumb map updated?

The online map is set to refresh and update your progress every minute.

What is the impact of the ROAD iD app on my phone's battery life?

Running the ROAD iD App on your phone actually improves your battery life. Just kidding. We have, however, designed the App to be easy on your battery. Anecdotally, we have tested the App during a 4-hour workout. We started with a full battery, wifi

What happens if my phone loses battery life?

Unfortunately, the App doesn’t run on magic fairy dust. As such, it require your phone’s battery to function as intended. If your phone’s battery dies while running the eCrumb Tracking feature, the online map will plot your last known location. It wi

What is a stationary alert?

The Stationary Alert function will be activated if you remain within the same 15-foot (5 meter) diameter for five minutes or longer. Please note that you will have the opportunity to disable any Stationary Alert before it sends a message to your sele

Can I pause the eCrumb feature while using the ROAD iD app?

No. You can, however, add time to your eCrumb or cancel a Stationary Alert before it sends a message to your selected contacts. We did not add a “pause” feature as it would be too easy to forget to un-pause an eCrumb after a brief stop. Please note t

Can the ROAD iD app detect if I've had an accident?

If you voluntarily stop moving for more than 5 minutes AND do not hear and/or cancel the Stationary Alert countdown, a Stationary Alert message will be triggered and sent to your selected contacts. The message will notify them that you haven’t moved

What happens if I lose cell service?

If you lose cell service your phone will continue to collect GPS data points, locally, on your phone. When you regain cell coverage, the App will send all the missed data points to your online map, enabling your selected contacts to see a fluid route

Can I access past eCrumb tracking maps?

We currently save old ride maps for 90 days. If you want to view your own eCrumbs, we recommend including your own email address or phone number as a contact when sending an eCrumb.

Can I see the same map my contacts are viewing?

If you want to view the same eCrumb information that your contacts are receiving we recommend including yourself as one of your five eCrumb contacts. In doing so, you’ll receive the same notifications and map access as your eCrumb contacts.

Can I connect my Online Profile to the app?

You cannot connect your ERP to the Road ID App. This feature may become available at a later date.