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Can the ROAD iD app detect if I've had an accident?Updated a year ago

If you voluntarily stop moving for more than 5 minutes AND do not hear and/or cancel the Stationary Alert countdown, a Stationary Alert message will be triggered and sent to your selected contacts. The message will notify them that you haven’t moved in 5 minutes. It will also send a link to an online map where they can see your most recent location.

To avoid sending unintended Stationary Alert messages, we recommend turning up the volume on your phone so that you can hear, and cancel, any Stationary Alert before it is sent to your selected contacts. We also recommend that you personalize the Stationary Alert message. This can be found in the Settings tab. Customizing it will allow you to include, for example, a request that your contacts text or call you upon receiving alerts in order to confirm your status.

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