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Accessories: Bands, Faceplates and Clasp

Faceplates Specs

1.125x0.75 in. Our ROAD iD faceplates are compatible with ROAD iD bands. Just be sure to select the band width that matches your ID Faceplate (13mm or 19mm). Check out our available faceplates here:

Can I order a spare band?

Yes! We have bands available to order without an engraved ID. Check out the available accessory bands here:

I cut my band too short. What can I do?

We understand accidents happen, which is why we sell our bands as a separate item without the clasp and ID plate. You can find them on our Accessories page:

How do I attach my clasp?

Now that you have your new Silicone Clasp band you may be wondering how to size it to the prefect fit.  Well, we've got you covered. Watch this incredibly informative and entertaining video, or use the step by step instructions below. Step One: The b