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SPECS: ID FACEPLATEDimensions: 1.125" x 0.5" (29mm x 13mm)Weight: 0.1 ounceMaterials: Satin polished, surgical quality stainless steel SPECS: SILICONE BANDWidth: 0.47 inchLengthXS:  4.9 in | 124 mmSM:  5.5 in | 139 mmMED:  6 in | 152 mmLG:  6.8 in |

How do I know the Stretch will fit me?

The Stretch ID is available in Size Packs that contain three band sizes to ensure a proper fit. KIDS PACKBands Included XS, SM, MED. Fits Wrists 4.9 in -6 in | 124 mm - 152mm. WOMEN'S PACKBands Included SM, MED, LG. Fits Wrists 5.5 in - 6.8 in | 139

How do I put on the Stretch?

The Stretch simply stretches over your hand to sit comfortably on your wrist. It's that easy.

Is the Stretch band latex free?

Yes! The Stretch band is made from a durable, fashionable silicone compound that is completely latex free.

Can I wear the Stretch faceplate on a "cause" type of bracelet?

The short answer is "Yes.". Here's the longer answer: Our wrist bands are a bit heavier-duty (thicker) than most "cause-type" silicone bands. We did so they would be more durable. The Stretch ID plate is designed to fit on our slightly thicker bands.

Which accessories are compatible with the Wrist ID Stretch?

We have many accessories available for the Wrist ID Stretch. The 13mm bands, badges and faceplates are compatible with the Wrist ID Stretch.