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Online Profile And MyRoadiD

What is an emergency Online Profile?

The Emergency Online Profile (formerly known as the Road ID Interactive) is a wearable ID created to empower active people who participate in outdoor activities to wear ID and not take the chance of being unidentified in the event of an emergency. Th

What is the privacy policy for MYROADID?

Legally, we're required to issue and adhere to a fancy legalistic privacy policy. Our philosophy on privacy, however, is far simpler than all the legal speak that our attorneys so kindly drafted (below). We, the owners of Road ID, place a great value

How do I access the serial number and PIN on my ID?

The Serial # and PIN can be found on the back of your ID plate. For the Wrist ID Elite and Wrist ID Slim, you can simply take the ID off your wrist and look at the inside of the plate. For the Shoe ID, however, a bit more work is necessary. The follo

How do I get six months of free MYROADID membership?

Your six FREE months begin after you register your ROAD iD to an Emergency Response Profile.

How do I troubleshoot an invalid serial number and PIN combination?

This could mean you have already registered that Serial Number and PIN. Click the 'My Account' button located on the top left of this page. Do you now see your serial number in the Emergency Response Profile (ERP) section? If it's there, you're all s

How will first responders access my Online Profile?

The Emergency Response System was designed to be very simple to access in emergency situations. A First Responder can easily access your Emergency Response Profile (ERP) in two ways: One, they can dial the telephone number on the ID to speak with a l

Can I have the same serial number and PIN as my other ID?

It is important to remember that the Serial Number and PIN that is engraved on the back of an each ID with Online Profile will be engraved with its own unique Serial Number and PIN combination. Doing this has several advantages. First, it's important

I lost an ID. What should I do?

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to report your Interactive ID Lost or Stolen to protect your Emergency Response Profile. This can be done by clicking the "Report Lost ID" button on the homepage, by logging in to your acco

How do I add family members to MYROADID account?

After you log into your Account at , click the "Add New Profile" button to create another Online Profile (Emergency Response Profile). Then, head on over to  to purchase a ROAD iD for each family member. When the ROAD iDs

How do I renew MYROADID membership for my Online Profile?

To renew your Emergency Response Profile, simply go to You will need to log in using the email address and password you chose when you set up your Account. Once you’re logged in, there will be a "extend" link in the Mem

Can I order an ID with an Online Profile for someone else?

Yes! When buying an Interactive ID for a friend - your friend will have the ability to create their own account and their own Emergency Response Profile. Instructions will be included in the packaging. Great gift for them, no worries for you. If you

Is my personal information in MYROADID account secure?

It is important to remember that the Serial Number and PIN that is engraved on the back of an Interactive ID is the key to viewing (not editing) your Emergency Response Profile (ERP). We encourage you to protect your Interactive ID like you would pro

How do I access and edit my Emergency Online Profile?

Your Serial Number and PIN are meant to be used in the event of an emergency. Medical personnel will log in via the First Responder Login section in order to get the vital information they're looking for. This only allows for the VIEWING of your Emer

How do I register a new ID to an existing Online Profile?

Your Interactive ID will arrived with its Serial and PIN engraved on the back of the ID plate. Once you have located your serial and PIN, it's time to register your ID. To register your Road ID, just go to and login with your Email A

Is MYROADID available internationally?

It sure is. In fact, the Emergency Response System can be accessed by dialing one of several available telephone numbers. When you order an ID with Emergency Online Profile, you will be able to choose from one of the following numbers:. If you live i

Can I transer an ID with Online Profile to another MYROADID account?

Yes. The Emergency Response System was designed to allow you to Transfer IDs from one Emergency Response Profile (ERP) to another. You can even transfer Membership Time between ERPs. To do either of these, simply login to your account at www.MyRoadID