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I lost an ID. What should I do?Updated a year ago

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to report your Interactive ID Lost or Stolen to protect your Emergency Response Profile. This can be done by clicking the "Report Lost ID" button on the homepage, by logging in to your account, or by phoning 800-345-6336 (M-T 9-5 ET & F 9-4:30 ET). 
Reporting an ID lost or stolen will immediately disable its serial and PIN so that unauthorized persons will not be able to view the information contained in your ERP. 
Then, you can visit our website ( ) to purchase a new ID. Your new ID will come with a new Serial and PIN, which can be easily registered to your existing Emergency Response Profile. The new ID will also give you six FREE months of membership to the Emergency Response System. 
NOTE: If you find your lost ID, and the serial and pin were not compromised, you can reinstate the ID by logging in to your account.

IMPORTANT: You must reinstate the ID for it to be accessible by First Responders in an accident.

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