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Protection PlanUpdated 2 months ago

ID Protection, the superhero service that saves the day and keeps your ID up to date. Let's dive into the fun and fabulous details:

Why is ID Protection a must-have?

ID protection covers future changes that you may need to make to the text engraved on your ID. With this service, you’ll have up to two years to receive a fresh new ID at no charge - no questions asked.

Dump your boyfriend and want to remove his phone number? No problem. We’ll make you a new one (a new ID that is. The BF’s on you.). 

Develop an allergy to marsupials? You guessed it. We’ve got you covered.

Even if you can’t spell your own name or mistakenly type an incorrect phone number, we’ll help you get it right and send you the fresh bling.

So, what does ID Protection cover?

It covers one free replacement faceplate for any ID on today’s order, and it’s good for two years after purchase. Replacement faceplates must be an ID of equal or lesser value.

Now, let's talk about what ID Protection doesn't cover. 

It doesn’t cover shipping, but we’ll ship it to you for a measly $6.99. That’s even cheaper than  this amazing Oscar Azocar baseball card.

It’s good for the ID faceplate only, so it doesn’t cover bands or other accessories.

It also doesn’t cover IDs purchased on previous or future orders. 

How to Redeem.

Ready to redeem your ID Protection benefits? It's as easy, you can redeem here or by shooting us an email or giving us a call. We'll work our magic to get the necessary updates completed and a fresh new ID shipped out ASAP. Just reach out to us at [email protected] or dial our hotline at 800-345-6336 from Monday to Friday.

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