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ELITE SILICONE BANDSpecs13mm19mmFitCut to fit InstructionsCut to fit InstructionsSizingFits all wrist up to 9.4 inFits all wrist up to 9.4 inLength (without Clasp) Length (with Clasp)234.95 mm | 9.25 in266.7 mm | 10.5 in234.95 mm | 9.25 in266.7 mm |

How to size the Elite Silicone Band

This video demonstrates how to size and trim the Elite silicone band so that it fits just right.  If, however, you have a question that is not addressed below, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a ring at 800-345-6336 Mon-Thur 9-5 / Fri 9-4:30

How to Attach the Silicone Band to the Clasp

Now that you have your new Elite Silicone band you may be wondering how to size it to the prefect fit.  Well, we've got you covered. Watch this incredibly informative and entertaining video, or use the step by step sizing instructions below. Step One

Is the band latex free?

Yes! The Elite Silicone band is made from a durable, fashionable silicone compound that is completely latex free.