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How is ROAD iD different from other wearable forms of ID?Updated a year ago

It's simple; we make certain that we offer the best possible product. ROAD iD is the highest quality, toughest, most rugged, fashionable line of identification available. We laser engrave every ID on site. This type of engraving enables us to achieve a superior quality of engraving. The laser technology makes very crisp and clean images on all of our ROAD iDs (other companies typically use embossed or rotary engraving procedures that produce inferior images). 

We also use the highest quality stainless steel available. In addition, we are the only company that caters to the specific needs of athletes and active people. Our IDs are unique because we service unique individuals. You can count on us to be quality freaks and stand behind every product we sell. To our knowledge, no one is offering anything that compares to ROAD iD.

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